Free YouTube Winner Picker: A Simple Tool to Randomly Select Winners

When hosting a giveaway or contest on YouTube, selecting winners from a large number of comments or names can be a daunting task. The YouTube  Winner Picker is a powerful yet simple tool that automates the process of randomly selecting winners, making the selection fair and transparent. In this article, we will explore how this tool works and how you can use it to conduct giveaways on YouTube effectively.

1. Gathering Comments or Names

The first step is to gather the comments or names from the participants. You have two options: manually entering the comments/names or importing them from a file. The tool supports both methods to accommodate different scenarios.

Manual Entry:

You can simply type or paste the comments/names into the input area provided. Each comment or name should be on a separate line for clarity.

File Import:

If you have a large number of comments/names or if you already have them stored in a text (.txt) or spreadsheet (.xlsx) file, you can import the file using the file input field. The tool automatically extracts the comments/names from the file and populates the input area.

2. Choosing the Number of Winners

Next, specify the number of winners you want to select. The tool provides an input field where you can enter the desired number. It ensures that you don’t exceed the total number of comments/names and prompts you to enter a valid number.

3. Random Winner Selection

Once you have entered the comments/names and specified the number of winners, click the “Pick Winners” button. This triggers the winner selection process. The tool employs a random selection algorithm to ensure fairness.

Countdown Animation

Upon clicking the button, a countdown animation starts, providing an engaging visual experience. The countdown timer, set to 60 seconds, builds anticipation as participants eagerly await the winners.

Winner Selection:

Once the countdown reaches zero, the tool randomly selects the specified number of winners from the pool of comments/names. The selection process is transparent, unbiased, and ensures that each participant has an equal chance of winning.

4. Displaying and Downloading Winners

After the winners have been chosen, their names are displayed on the screen. The tool reveals the winners in a clear and easily readable format. In addition, a download button labeled “Download Winners” appears, allowing you to download the list of winners in a text (.txt) file format.


The YouTube  Winner Picker is a valuable tool for YouTube creators and contest organizers. By automating the winner selection process, it saves time, ensures fairness, and enhances transparency. With its user-friendly interface and random selection algorithm, the tool simplifies the process of conducting giveaways, contests, or random prize draws on YouTube. 

YouTube  Winner Picker  totaly free to use.

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